Car Heating System

By 2 August 2014

Heat is a form of energy which means it cannot be destroyed.The principle of the heating and ventilation system is to transfer enough heat from one point to another.The heater is a device which heats the air entering or already inside the vehicle (recycled air).The heated air is then directed to a combination of different places via a distribution of air ducts within the vehicle.

There are a number of different methods available to heat the air – exhaust heater, heat as a by-product of combustion, electric heater etc. Generally motor vehicles use heat from combustion which is transferred through water or air depending on whether the engine is water or air cooled. If the vehicle is air cooled then a system of shrouds is used to direct the heat from the external surface of the engine, exhaust or in some cases from the lubrication system towards the inside of the vehicle.