Vertical Pumping Equipment Bases and Supports

By 3 March 2017

Vertical-shaft pumps, like horizontal-shaft units, must be firmly supported. Depending upon the installation, the unit can be supported at one or several elevations. Vertical units are seldom supported from walls, but even that type of support is sometimes encountered.

Occasionally, a nominal horizontal-shaft pump design is arranged with a vertical shaft and a wall used as the supporting foundation. Regular horizontal-shaft units can be used for this purpose without modification, except that the bedplate is attached to a wall. Careful attention must be given to the arrangement of the pump bearings to prevent the escape of the lubricant. Installations of double-suction, single-stage pumps with the shaft in the vertical position are relatively rare, except in some marine or navy applications. Hence, manufacturers have few standard pumps of this kind arranged so that a portion of the casing forms the support (to be mounted on soleplates). Figure 106 shows such a pump, which also has a casing extension to support the driving motor.