Car A/C Condenser Design

By 4 August 2014

The ideal condenser should have no pressure drop between the inlet and the outlet. Condensers are generally made from aluminium to prevent any chemical reaction between the metal and refrigerant/oil mixture.They are generally

constructed with tubes and fins.Tubes to carry the refrigerant and fins to increase the surface area in contact with the outside air. Their shapes vary and include:

Serpentine fin type

Tube and plate type

Tube and plate and fin types have been used for a number of years and can be seen on R12 systems but are not generally used on R134a systems. This type of condenser can also be back flushed to remove any foreign particles within the system.

Parallel flow type (a flat tube condenser)

Parallel flow condensers are very efficient, the condenser breaks up the flow into tiny streams enabling it to transfer heat more rapidly. This type of condenser cannot be flushed and if it becomes blocked can only be replaced.