Car A/C Condenser

By 4 August 2014

The function of the condenser is to act as a heat exchanger to dispel the heat energy contained in the refrigerant. Superheated vapour enters the condenser at the top and subcooled liquid leaves the condenser at the bottom.The condenser must be highly efficient but as compact as possible.

The pressure and temperature has been raised by the compressor.There is a need to lower the temperature of the heat laden refrigerant to change it back into a liquid enabling it to act as a cooler again later in the system. To do this the refrigerant flows into the condenser as a vapour and gives off heat to the surrounding area and most of the refrigerant (depending on system load) condenses back into a liquid which then flows into the receiver/drier.

The condenser is located at the front of the vehicle where strong air flow through its core can be achieved when the vehicle is in motion.To aid the removal of heat when the vehicle is stationary or at a low speed the condenser is fitted with a single or double fan system. Shrouds are often used to direct the air flow over the surface of the condenser.