Car A/C Dual Condenser

By 7 August 2014

This layout includes a condenser with an integrated multi-flow condenser (Fig. 2.31) and a gas/liquid separator (modulator) – a subcool cycle. In simple terms these are two condensers stacked on top of each other with a receiver drier called a modulator between the two. They are generally used in vehicles with large internal space and cooling requirements. Refrigerant flows through the first parallel flow condenser and then into the modulator as a liquid. Any gaseous refrigerant which the first condenser was unable to condense will travel with the liquid refrigerant to the subcooling portion of the condenser to ensure only liquid refrigerant flows to the FOV (Fixed Orifice Valve) or receiver-drier.

The condenser is the point within the A/C system which is used to remove the unwanted heat.This makes it very important in the overall efficiency of the system. As the latent heat of condensation is transferred to the air stream, the refrigerant vapour makes the necessary change into liquid.