Car A/C Electric Compressor

By 2 August 2014

The electric compressor has to be used due to the absence of a mechanical drive mechanism for the compressor. Electric compressors are generally used on vehicles with hybrid or electric power units. Hybrid vehicles have both a small engine, generally diesel, and an electric motor powered by a battery unit.The engine intermittently runs in the event that the electric power unit energy level becomes low or high torque output is required. Electric powered vehicles have no engine units and generally take the form of fuel cell vehicles. A fuel cell, which is an inversion of the process of the electrolysis of water, is used to produce electrical energy. Fuel cells do not store energy; they produce it and replace the energy used by the batteries which provide the primary source to drive the electric motor on the vehicle.These technologies will over the next 10 years change the way in which we view, design, manufacture, maintain and repair our vehicles.