Head Pressure Control Valves Installation

By 17 October 2015

The head pressure-control valve can be horizontally or vertically installed. The valve should be oriented properly so the solder would not damage the internal part during brazing. Do not install the ORI valve and ORO valve in the discharge line.

The head pressure-control valve may be located at the condensing unit for some HVAC unit. In other HVAC unit, the valve is located near the compressor. The valve must be installed carefully with strong support mounting since the discharge lines are possible source of vibrations. The vibration is associated with the moving parts, fatigue in tubing, fittings, and connections. This vibration can be handled by installing a muffler close to the compressor.

The compressor moving part vibrations can be isolated by flexible loops or coils on discharge line or using flexible metal hoses for larger lines. The hoses should be mounted horizontally and parallel to the crankshaft or vertically. A rigid brace should be placed on the outlet end of the hose to prevent vibrations beyond the hose.