HVAC Accumulators

By 25 November 2015

Many HVAC units use the accumulators on the original equipment but more recent HVAC uses field installed accumulator. There is no specific explanation about the relation between the accumulator and the system performance. The engineer must manually evaluate each HVAC model to choose the correct accumulator to be applied since there is no standard rating system. The common specification for the accumulator are the one with fittings to accommodate the suction line and large enough to contain half of the refrigerant.

The accumulator should be vertically installed as close as possible to the compressor. On reverse system refrigeration, the accumulator is installed between the reversing valve line and the compressor. The accumulator should not be installed in a bypass line or in suction lines.

When installing an accumulator with solder connections, direct the torch away from the top access plug to prevent possible damage to the O-ring seal. When installing a model equipped with a fusible plug, a dummy plug should be inserted in place of the fusible plug until all brazing or soldering is complete.