Bosch VE Distributor Pump Subassemblies

By 11 March 2017

In contrast to the in-line injection pump, the VE distributor pump has only one pump cylinder and one plunger, even for multi-cylinder engines. The fuel delivered by the pump plunger is apportioned by a distributor groove to the outlet ports as determined by the engine’s number of cylinders. The distributor pump’s closed housing contains the following functional groups:

– High-pressure pump with distributor,
– Mechanical (flyweight) governor,
– Hydraulic timing device,
– Vane-type fuel-supply pump,
– Shutoff device, and
– Engine-specific add-on modules.

The subassemblies and their functions
1 Vane-type fuel-supply pump with pressure regulating valve: Draws in fuel and generates pressure inside the pump.
2 High-pressure pump with distributor: Generates injection pressure, delivers and distributes fuel.
3 Mechanical (flyweight) governor: Controls the pump speed and varies the delivery quantity within the control range.
4 Electromagnetic fuel shutoff valve: Interrupts the fuel supply.
5 Timing device: Adjusts the start of delivery (port closing) as a function of the pump speed and in part as a function of the load.