Fuel Pump Drive

By 15 March 2017

The distributor injection pump is driven by the diesel engine through a special drive unit. For 4-stroke engines, the pump is driven at exactly half the engine crankshaft speed, in other words at camshaft speed. The VE pump must be positively driven so that it’s drive shaft is synchronized to the engine’s piston movement.

This positive drive is implemented by means of either toothed belts, pinion, gear wheel or chain. Distributor pumps are available for clockwise and for counter-clockwise rotation, whereby the injection sequence differs depending upon the direction of rotation. The fuel outlets though are always supplied with fuel in their geometric sequence, and are identified with the letters A, B, C etc. to avoid confusion with the engine-cylinder numbering. Distributor pumps are suitable for engines with up to max. 6 cylinders.