LG SXS LSC27950 ICE PLUS Freezing

By 18 March 2015

1. ICE PLUS freezing is a function to increase the cooling speed of the freezer compartment by running both the compressor and the fan simultaneously.
2. ICE PLUS is cancelled and the refrigerator returns to its default setting in the event of a power interruption.
3. Selecting ICE PLUS changes only the speed of the cooling without affecting the set temperature.
4. The temperature can be adjusted even when ICE PLUS has been selected and is in progress.
5. The freezer operates at whatever temperature was set at the time ICE PLUS was selected.
6. If you select ICE PLUS, the compressor and fan will run until it is deselected or the cycle time has elapsed. (3 hours : compressor and fan run / 3 ~ 24 hours : COLDEST operation)
7. If a defrost cycle occurs while an ICE PLUS is already running, ICE PLUS runs for its remaining cycle time after the defrost cycle is completed. If the defrost cycle takes longer than 30 minutes, ICE PLUS will run for only 2 hours at the end of the defrost cycle.
8. If you press ICE PLUS during a defrost cycle, the ICE PLUS indicator (LCD or LED, depending upon the model) will illuminate but the compressor will not operate until the defrost cycle is complete.
9. If you press ICE PLUS within 7 minutes of compressor cut-off, the compressor will not operate until the 7-minute delay has passed.
10. The freezer fan motor runs at high speed during the ICE PLUS cycle.

Model MODEL : LSC27950SW/ LSC27950SB LSC27950ST/ LSC27960ST