Petroleum Product – The atmospheric straight run gas oils

By 1 January 2017

Usually there will be two gas oil side streams, a light gas oil side stream and belowthis take off a heavy gas oil side stream is withdrawn. Both these side—streams are steam stripped to meet their respective flash point specification (usually 150◦F minimum). The lighter side stream (cut of about 480–610◦F on crude) is the principle precursor for the automotive diesel grade finished product.

This side stream is desulfurized to meet the diesel sulfur specification in a hydrotreater . The lower gas oil stream is really a guard stream to correct the diesel distillation end point. This heavy gas oil may also be hydro-desulfurized and routed to either the fuel oil pool (as a precursor for marine diesel for example) or to a finished heating oil product from the gas oil pool.

Sassan crude TBP curve and product split.